Arnet Pharmaceutical Corp.

Arnet Pharmaceutical Corp.

Arnet Pharmaceutical manufactures private-label nutritional supplements. Arnet Pharmaceutical Corp. products range from daily vitamins and herbal extracts to minerals and amino acids. The company's capabilities include making tablet, capsule, powder, and chewable products. As a contract manufacturer, Arnet will work from customer-provided formulations or formulate products themselves. It also produces blended products such as Osteoporex, a calcium blend to address osteoporosis, and Gluthatione, an antioxidant supplement to increases energy and reduces stress. Founded in 1972, Arnet's customers span across more than 50 countries.

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Arnet Pharmaceutical Corp.
2525 Davie Rd., Bldg. 330
Davie, FL, USA 33317
Phone: (954) 236-9053
Fax: (954) 370-2508



Jose Tabacinic

VP Operations

Manuel Tabacinic

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