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  This page contains the list of companies in Health Care category. Click on the company name to get further details of the company.

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 » Athena Skin & Laser
At Athena Skin & Laser, Dr. Harman Sidhu specializes in Cosmetic, Laser and Dermatology procedures. Dr. Sidhu is exteremely experienced in various skin enhancing, anti aging, laser and cosmetic procedures. Athena is known for exceptional medical and aesthetic dermatological as well as surgical care of our patients.

 » Athiya enterprises
Athiya enterprises choose the right product can be cumbersome.So we first chose to start it at our own dental office. After delving into a lot of research , evaluation and assessment we arrived upon a couple of products that help ease a practitioner's-work in his dental office. Our driving force has been to provide solutions to practitioners. Our drive for innovation and quality has helped optimise solutions. And there is no doubt that ease delivers precision. Therefore broadening your view with our professional advice makes your practice smarter, and more professional. It can be an icing on the cake when you could add a global touch to it.

 » Athreya Ayurvedic Centre
Athreya Ayurvedic Centre, our focus is on authentic Ayurveda rather than just wellness. Every guest’s treatment plan is responsibly selected and customized to his or her specific needs. The Athreya Ayurvedic Centre is a place of retreat for anyone seeking a genuine holistic experience for the well-being of the body and mind, With a focus on authentic Ayurveda combine with today’s possibilities of medical science, the medical center offers an alternative to Western medicine.

 » Atlas Surgical COmpany
Pioneers in the field of Manufacture Surgical and Medical Equipment in North India. Specialized in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of medical supplies Equipments, Hospital Furnitures, Stainless Steel Hollowwares, Sterilizing System

 » Aum Sai Dental
A BDS and MDS, she has stood 5th in Pune University at the BDS level and has worked with Dr. Kiran Gadre, Dr. Vishwas Chaugule and Dr. Mohan Thomas.We strive to provide services in all areas of Dentistry under one roof.Tooth decay is the commonest health issue in the mouth. Bacteria act on the sugars in the mouth and produce acids that damage tooth enamel. Early tooth decay is painless, but not to be ignored. Later the tooth becomes sensitive to cold foods/sweet foods/biting for a second or two. Still later, the tooth starts aching continuously. The best treatment option is to treat the affected part of the tooth at the earliest rather than suppressing the problem with pain killers. Pain killers only suppress the pain but do not correct the cause of the pain. Initially, we offer tooth colored or silver fillings. Once the tooth starts paining continuously, a root canal is necessary and the tooth is protected with a crown.

 » Aura Dental Care
Aura Dental Care is a leading dental care clinic located at Vadodara, Gujarat. We are providing specialized dental care treatments such as painless root canal services, gum surgery, dental implants, full mouth rehabilitation, dental bleaching, dental veneers, final treatment visualization and other cosmetic dental services with latest technologies at affordable rates. Our dental clinic is lead by two efficient doctors Dr. Kuntal Soni and Dr. Sejal Soni along with team of specialist and associate doctors, trained and courteous staff, skilled and qualified technicians. Our Vision: Leading for world class dental care for the people across the world. · Scientific, safe & timely treatment · World class hygiene · Technology driven · Value added care · World class systems Step in with your dental problem, we assure you smiling solutions!For more information, Schedule a complimentary dental consultation with us!

 » Auston Gym
AUSTON GYM n SPA is located just steps away from north country mall on kharar -CHD road.our team is made up of energetic and enthusiastic fitness professionals whose goal is to improve ypur health and fitness. We appreciate your decision of joining our health club.We are pleased to open the doors of our gym for you and welcome you to use the exceptional and superior equipments present at our gym.Auston gym n spa is a mark of excellence and can accommodate about 100 members at the same time. We aspire to be a strong partner in our community and give our support to improve health and fitness for all ages.

 » Avaruni Enterprise
At Avaruni, we offer best of the natural and herbal beauty products for both men and women. What makes our product truly unique is that they are made up of substances extracted from plants, which is both natural and excellent for skin. Our skin lightening cream is 100% natural and herbal.

 » Avenues Cosmetic
The Avenues Cosmetic Surgery is nothing but the most effective, scientifically formulated and clinically proven centre which ensures the best aesthetic surgery solutions for you. Our methods are state of the art of finally tuned to give you the best result possible. We are a dedicated Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Surgery clinic. Our Aim is to provide maximum hair groowth for each individual associated with us. Our clinic look after men and women with all ages suffering from baldness. Each hair replacement procedure is managed by professionals who have personally experienced Hair Transplantation and understand the treatments involved. We routnly use the GIGA sessions (> 3000 grafts per sitting) and make use of the us FOA approved SAFE system. Our body sculpturing team makes use of the high and liposuction machines and cannulas to provide you the best results with an arrara of procedure like liposuction, abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck), gynecomastia (male breast) Removal.

 » Avigna Diagnostics
Avigna Diagnostics testing services provide patients accurate and diagnostically meaningful results. To this end, strict quality control programs, both internal and external are incorporated into our laboratory process. While no medical testing should be considered routine, Avigna Diagnostics boasts a highly trained staff that is capable of accurate, professional service from the most basic of tests to the most sensitive, technical procedures. Tests are repeated without charge whenever, in the physician’s opinion, the results do not correlate with the patient’s clinical profile. Flexible specimen-pick up time and reporting options are available to meet your needs.

 » Ayurdhan Traditional Ayurvedic Healing Center
Ayurdhan Traditional Ayurvedic Healing Center are devoted to age old Indian medicine system of ayurveda with holistic approach to health care. We provide unique method of treatment , incorporatting age-old traditions in ayurveda and yoga, with modern facilities.Now you may ease your worried about Spondilities, Artjritis , Rheumatic Disorders, Joind Dieases , Chronic Head ache , Insomnia , Diabetes, Skin Disorders , Muscili-Skeletal , Neuropathy,Paralysis , Piles ,fist and Lower back ache, hair fall or grey hair. We provide extensive packages for Weight -Reduction , Beauty Treatment ,Rejuvenation Treatments , Sress relieving therapirs etc. Our well experienced certified therapists are guided by panel of expert ayurvedic phusicians, who monitor each treatment as well as rejuvenation therapies at most care.Our therapy equipments are made from high quality medicinal woods.

 » Ayurkart
Ayurkart - One of the Best Online Ayurvedic Store in India. Ayurkart aims to bring the world of authentic ayurvedic herbs and ayurvedic medicines to your doorstep within the shortest delivery time possible.

In recent years The Internet has revolutionized the way we purchase things. Because of the numerous advantages and benefits, more and more people these days prefer buying things online over the conventional method of going into shops. In 2017, an estimated 1.66 billion people worldwide have purchased goods online. So why not bring this revolution into our ancient traditional form of Ayurvedic medicines.

 » is a leading name in healthcare industry, starting its journey in March 2013. The primary aim of Sex Ayurvedas is to be a leader in this competitive market, working for Indian clients and on global fonts, as well.

 » Ayurveda
Ayurveda, translated as the "science of life," is a system of medicine that utilizes various therapies including diet, yoga, and herbal preparations, to restore harmony and balance within the body. The principles of Ayurveda are based on the concept of tridosha, or the system of three doshas. The three doshas, known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha, are dynamic forces with distinct characteristics that shape all things in the universe. Each person is born with a unique constitution, called prakriti, that is composed of varying amounts of influence from each of the three doshas. In the Ayurvedic view, an imbalance between the doshas produces a condition called vikriti, a Sanskrit word that means "deviated from nature." According to Ayurvedic principles, each individual's diet should be suited to his or her prakriti. During times of vikriti, or imbalance, the diet can be used to either decrease or increase the three doshas until balance is restored.

 » Ayurveda Cart
In its last 80 years of existence, the company has come a long way and has now forayed into diverse subjects. The company was founded by vaidya hukam chand (Grandson of renowned Vaidya Jhandumal and son of Great Ayurvedic Physician Vaidya Asha Ram), who was a nadi-vigyan specialist, an art that's been practiced by many nowadays but very few ayurvedacharyas practically know the technicalities of it. Later on, Vaidya Gyan Parkash and Vaidya Hari Krishan carried the torch of ayurveda further. Vaidya Hari Krishan is a pioneer personality in the northern reaches of India. He's established himself as a true "Ayurveda" man. After dedicating 35 years of his life to the cause of ayurveda, he certainly earns a lot of respect in the ayurveda circle of India. Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal whose the young face of VHCA Herbals is taking VHCA herbals into newer unconquered heights by foraying into diverse fields like IT Education, IT Services, Herbal Cultivation, Herbal Drinks, Social Services etc.

 » Ayurveda hair Care
Ayurveda hair Care provides best and sure Ayurevedic Treatment for alopecia universalis Alopecia Universalis Guide to causes, diagnosis, treatments, and support resources to connect with others who have Alopecia Universalis. Ayurveda means 'the knowledge of life' or 'the science of life' and is considered to be the ancient system of medicine of India. It is the oldest health care system in the world given by lord Bhrama to the king Indra and then after it reached to the beautiful earth by different Rishis.

 » Ayurveda Health and Wellness Center
Amulya is an Ayurvedic health and wellness center founded with a mission to bring the blessings of Ayurveda to common people in a holistic manner. To know more about us, it is important to know how we and our philosophy connect with Ayurveda.

 » Ayurveda Kalamandiram
Ours is a traditional Ayurvedic clinic, for over centuries our samstha has had its roots in Ayurveda. We belong to a family of Ayurvedic physicians,which has been continuing the practice of this science for Nine generations.A range that generations have trusted in India and abroad.

 » Ayurveda Migraine Clinic
Ayurveda Migraine Clinic introduces an Innovation towards the cause and cure of Migraine. Ayurvedic Treatment Protocol (ATP) consisting of customized diet, lifestyle and herbo mineral formulation brings sustainable relief to the migraine patients. The Ayurvedic treatment protocol is conceptualised by renowned Ayurvedic physician Vaidya Balendu Prakash, a recipient of Padamshri by President of India and a Member of International Headache Society, UK The experimental and clinical studies have shown that ATP for Migraine is safe and evidently effective.

 » Ayurvedagram Heritage Wellness Retreat
Go back over 75 years in time, into the world of Ayurvedagram Heritage Wellness Retreat – one of India’s acknowledged Ayurveda and Yoga Resorts, on the outskirts of Bangalore. This is a peaceful, deeply spiritual Ayurvedic Health Resort. It weaves a gentle magic through Ayurvedic Remedies, Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama, a Vegetarian Ayurvedic Diet and a full range of natural Herbal Ayurveda treatments. The 9 acres of this Ayurvedic Health Spa are lush with greenery, filled with birdsong. Interspersed among the medicinal plants and shrubs, flowers and fruit trees, guests live in early 18th and 19th century Manas, translocated piece by piece from Kerala. Modern amenities like air conditioning, cable TV, wifi and attached bathrooms blend with the old world beauty of the rooms. Ramp access exists for 2 living spaces in the ‘gram, one of which leads to a special room created for patients with mobility issues.

 » Ayushakti Ayurved Pvt Ltd
For the past 27 years, Ayushakti has been serving people worldwide with its proven herbal remedies and authentic ancient treatment methods. The panel of highly experienced Vaidyas at Ayushakti are pioneers in Pulse reading, the extremely effective and ingeniously designed natural health services and Detox programs that we offer, the herbal food supplements that fastens the recovery process and personal care and medicinal herbs specially formulated and manufactured after years of research. Vaidya Smita Naram, the founder of Ayushakti and world renowned Ayurveda expert successfully helped more than one million people from 108 countries suffering from Asthama, allergies, Arthritis, Diabetes, Psoriasis, Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Back pain, Fibromyalgia, Obesity, Infertility, female health problems, High Blood Pressure, Skin & Hair Problems, Epilepsy, Autism, IBS, children health problems, and many other chronic health challenges.

 » Ayushveda, Ayurveda and Panchkarma Centre
Ayushveda aim to integrate & balance the body, mind & soul which are believed to help prevent illness & promote wellness. To earn livelihood(Artha) for himself & also fulfill his desires(karma) while following the virtuous path i.e. Dharma & to attain the ultimate goal of human life that is Moksha or liberation. Our main mission is to help healthy people maintain & promote their health i.e. “Swasthasya swasthya rakshanam” & to manage & cure the imbalances & disorders following the basic principle of ayurveda i.e. “Aturasya vikar prashamanam cha”.

 » Baby Joy
We understand, there cannot be a stronger human emotion than the desire 'to have Your Little One!' "Baby Joy" is our endeavour to be part of your journey towards parenthood. Baby Joy, through its state of the art IVF centre, intends to provide you end to end fertility solutions with warmth & compassion. Baby Joy is one of the largest IVF centres in India with the primary mission to provide Advanced Yet Affordable IVF treatment. It is our vision to set benchmarks in the field of IVF, globally, through cutting edge technology, most advanced treatment protocols, & a highly acclaimed team of doctors, embryologists & support staff.

 » Babycell
Babycell helps parents preserve their baby's stem cells at the time of birth. These stem cells are collected from the umbilical cord blood and preserved so that it can be used in the future (if need be) to treat 80+ life threatening diseases. These stem cells are superior to stem cells collected from other sources like the bone marrow and can be used both by the baby and the family. Babycell collects these stem cells after birth and does necessary tests before preserving them in temperature controlled environment in their laboratory in Lonavla.

 » BabyChakra
BabyChakra is India’s largest pregnancy and parenting platform. Over a million of expecting parents and parents to newborns and toddlers are active on our app. They share stories, ask questions and connect with fellow moms and dads. We also have hundreds of experts and doctors that answer questions posted and write content-rich pieces on our site. This helps our users make an informed decision when it comes to health and nutrition. While expecting moms can track their week-by-week development with our Pregnancy Tracker, the Baby Tracker will help measure the baby's developmental milestones. You can also get helpful tips, recipes, milestones and medical tests that are will help you at different stages of your parenting journey.

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