Precision Therapeutics, Inc.

Precision Therapeutics, Inc.

Precision Therapeutics, Inc. company was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Precision Therapeutics, Inc., a diagnostics services company, engages in the development and delivery of treatment support tools for physicians and cancer patients in the United States and Canada. The company develops predictive drug response tests, which include ChemoFx, a drug response marker test that quantifies a cancer patient's probable tumor response to various chemotherapeutic and biologic agents and provides sensitivity and resistance information, such as tumor progression, increased side effects, accumulated toxicity, development of cross-resistance, decreased efficacy of future treatments, and decreased quality of life. It offers physicians and patients with clinical information to personalize cancer treatments.

Contact Details

Office Address

Precision Therapeutics, Inc.
2516 Jane Street
Pittsburgh, PA, USA 15203
Phone: (800) 547-6165
Fax: (800) 549-6407


President, CEO, and Director

Sean C. McDonald


David R. Heilman

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