Pacific Lottery Corporation

Pacific Lottery Corporation

Pacific Lottery Corporation (PLC), founded in 1995, is incorporated under the laws of the Province of Alberta, Canada. It is a publicly traded company on the TSX-Venture Exchange, trading under the ticker symbol "LUK", and also quoted on the Frankfurt Exchange. The principal business of the Corporation is to supply comprehensive technology and professional services required for the proper operation of jurisdictional wide On-line lottery programs utilizing point-of-sale lottery terminals and/or mobile device ticket distribution networks.

Pacific Lottery Corporation has set up under exclusive contract with the Vietnamese authorities, a modern electronic online lottery program in Vietnam, one of Asia’s most populated and economically vibrant countries. Currently, the Corporation is engaged in expanding this program nationally and is expected to supply the Vietnamese Government with additional proprietary central system equipment, hardware, software and accompanying lottery terminals, as well as provide the training and marketing support that is required for the implementation and proper operation of a national modern online electronic lottery program.

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Pacific Lottery Corporation
#201, 3740F-11A Street N.E.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2E 6M6
Phone: (403) 266-8900
Fax: (403) 266-8909

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