Hyaluron, Inc.

Hyaluron, Inc.

Hyaluron, Inc. company specializes in aseptically filling syinges and vials with liquid and lyophilized (treated for preservation) products serving the medical and pharmaceutical markets. Hyaluron manufacturing facility can accomodate the needs of clients small and large, from pre-clincial batches to commercial scale development. Hyaluron's expertise also extends into scaling up formulations such as emulsions, viscous gels, suspensions, liposomes, and proteins which will eventually fill the vials and syringes of the company's clients. The company can fill about 150,000 syringes a day and 75,000 vials.

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Hyaluron, Inc.
99 S. Bedford St., Ste. 2
Burlington, MA, USA 01803
Phone: (781) 270-7900
Fax: (781) 270-0110



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