Yari Film Group, LLC

Yari Film Group, LLC

During the past five years, the Yari Film Group has firmly anchored itself as one of the premiere homes for independent films. We take pride in collaborating with filmmakers and bringing forth their creative visions. From seasoned veterans -- such as Lasse Hallström, Paul Haggis, and Sidney Lumet -- to first time writers and directors, we continue to seek out innovative stories and storytellers.

In addition to our success financing and producing quality films, the Yari Film Group has a dedicated domestic distribution affiliate, Yari Film Group Releasing. Yari Film Group strives to create entertaining films, while never sacrificing quality and the unique visions of our filmmakers. In such a short period, our critical and commercial achievements are proof of our success and staying power... and we look forward to an even brighter future.

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Yari Film Group, LLC
10850 Wilshire Blvd, 6th Floor
Los Angeles, CA, USA 90024
Phone: (310) 689-1450
Fax: (310) 234-8975



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