Dartfish Ltd.

Dartfish Ltd.

Dartfish was founded in 1998. Outside of its headquarters in Switzerland, the company has offices in the US, France, Australia, Japan, and Korea. Dartfish develops video processing technologies, known as SimulCam and StroMotion, which are used to highlight athletic movements. Applications of the company's products include broadcast footage, multimedia Internet content, and sports training. Already used by the US Olympic teams for training purposes, the StroMotion technology was also nominated for an Emmy award for its use during the broadcast of the 2004 Olympics.

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Dartfish Ltd.
Route de la Fonderie 6
Fribourg 5, Switzerland 1705
Phone: +41-26-425-48-50
Fax: +41-26-425-48-59



Anton Affentranger

CEO and Head of Sales

Victor Bergonzoli

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