Air Jamaica, Ltd.

Air Jamaica, Ltd.

Air Jamaica, which transports passengers to about a dozen destinations, mainly in the Caribbean but also in the US. It operates a fleet of about 10 Airbus jets, comprised mostly of A-320s. The carrier extends its network in North America and Europe through code-sharing relationships with carriers such as Air Canada and Virgin Atlantic. (Code-sharing allows airlines to sell tickets on one another's flights.) Air Jamaica first took flight in 1966. The airline is owned by the government of Jamaica, which regained full ownership in 2004 as part of a financial restructuring. The government has been trying to sell the carrier since 2007.

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Air Jamaica, Ltd.
72-76 Harbour Street
Kingston, Jamaica
Phone: +876-922-3460
Fax: +876-967-3125



Shirley Williams

President and CEO

Bruce Nobles

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