Blavod Wine and Spirits PLC

Blavod Wine and Spirits PLC

Blavod Wines & Spirits plc, based in London, is the owner of Blavod Black Vodka, Blackwood's Gin and Vodka and Jago's. The company markets and sells the brand in a number of international markets as well as in the UK and US.

In addition, the UK business represents a number of spirit brands destined for the UK market (Bruichladdich Whisky, Mickey Finn's Schnapps, Molinari Sambuca, Cockspur Rum and Fernet Branca). It also represents a number of prestigious wine agencies such as Château Lafite Rothschild, Royal Tokaji and Matariki wines from New Zealand.

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Blavod Wine and Spirits PLC
202 Fulham Rd.
London, UK SW10 9PJ
Phone: +44-20-7352-2096
Fax: +44-20-7823-3510



Colin Campbell

Managing Director and Board Member

Richard C. Q. Ambler

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