Bronco Wine Company

Bronco Wine Company

Bronco Wine has been known to buck the system. One of the nation's top wine producers, the vintner makes some 60 labels, including Charles Shaw, Forest Glen, and Coastal Ridge. Operating a 40,000-acre vineyard, the California bulk wine producer is the fourth largest wine seller in the US. It produces some 20 million cases of wine every year. Bronco Wine created a stir in the wine industry and continues to do so by selling its Charles Shaw brand for $1.99 at Trader Joe's Company locations. (The wine, dubbed "drinkable" by many, quickly gained the nickname Two-Buck Chuck.) Other Bronco labels include Carmenet, Crane Lake, and Ridge.

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Bronco Wine Company
6342 Bystrum Rd.
Ceres, CA, USA 95307
Phone: (209) 538-3131
Fax: (209) 538-4634



Fred T. Franzia


Joseph S. (Joe) Franzia

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