Belvedere delivers velvety vodka. The company was founded after the fall of the Berlin Wall to promote the virtues of premium vodka made in Eastern European countries. Belvedere no longer makes its original namesake brand, which it named in honor of the presidential palace in Warsaw; it sold the rights to the brand in 2001. The company's flagship vodka is the rye-based Sobieski. Belvedere makes and sells Sobieski and other spirits, including William Peel whiskey, in frosted-glass bottles designed to emphasize their luxury quality. The company also distributes wine and spirits in the US, Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe. In 2009 Belvedere filed for bankruptcy protection and emerged from it the same year.

Contact Details

Office Address

10, avenue Charles Jaffelin
Beaune, FRANCE 21200
Phone: +33-3-80-22-93-83
Fax: +33-3-80-22-93-84


Chairman and CEO

Jacques Rouvroy


Alexandre Payet

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