Privie Residences

Privie Residences

Luxury is a generous way to express oneself. It does not have to be opulent or overt, loud or overstated. Luxury can be many things, both big and small. It is the freedom to choose. It is taste. It is personal attention and detail. And above all, Luxury is Privacy.Without privacy, even the most elaborate space, equipped with every modern luxury available, amounts to nothing. To be able to create a warm and intimate environment for you and your loved ones, be it family or guests, privacy is priceless.At PRIVIE RESIDENCES, we create a bubble of luxury so attainable and yet a distant dream for most. Making it very, very private.

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Privie Residences
Kumar Capital, 2413 East Street
Pune , MH 411001
Phone: +91-20-30583699
Mobile: +91-9595177833

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