People will be freed from Rajasthan's Congress govt and its loot: Thakur

People will be freed from Rajasthan's Congress govt and its loot: Thakur

Union Minister Anurag Thakur, speaking about exit poll results and Rajasthan assembly elections, said on Saturday that people of Rajasthan will soon be freed from the Congress government and its loot.

"The wait of the people (of Rajasthan) will be over and they will be freed from the anarchy and corruption in the state. People will be freed from Rajasthan's Congress government, known for its loot. Just wait for one day," said Anurag Thakur.

He also thanked the people of Rajasthan for extending their support to the BJP.

Further reacting to Congress' claims of forming the government, Thakur said, "Claims and false promises are their old habits. Five years ago, Rahul Gandhi made promises in Rajasthan that were not fulfilled. Congress has been unmasked and only the results are to be revealed tomorrow. BJP will form the government."

Anurag Thakur visited the state of Rajasthan to attend a programme in Ajmer.

Notably, 'political party and candidate' was the most significant factor in deciding voting patterns, along with the issue of "corruption" having varied significance among voters, according to the analysis by Today's Chanakya of its survey among voters.

Today's Chanakya said that 'development' influenced 37 percent in Rajasthan, while 'political party and candidate' had a significance of 28 percent.

In Rajasthan, the survey said that Congress+ got the support of 32 percent of members from the Jat community and the BJP got 38 percent. It said the figure was 58 percent and 31 percent for the SC community for Congress and BJP, respectively; 46 percent and 36 percent for Meena and STs; 83 percent and seven percent among Muslims; 26 percent and 53 percent among Brahmins; 29 percent and 47 percent among Rajputs; and 28 percent and 48 percent among OBCs.

The results of the Rajasthan Assembly elections will be declared on December 3.