Accenture partners with AWS to launch cloud acceleration platform

Accenture partners with AWS to launch cloud acceleration platform

Accenture in collaboration with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), today launched Velocity – a platform to Help Clients Drive up to 50% faster business transformation by removing the complexity of building and operating enterprise-scale applications and estates in the cloud.

Jointly funded and co-developed platform with AWS, Velocity is based on the learnings from thousands of Accenture and AWS projects. The product, which will be available on a subscription basis, allows clients to quickly adopt innovations by both tech majors. It will help clients adopt new AWS services without recreating time-consuming, labor-intensive work and recurring costs at the start of every project.

“By assimilating learnings from nearly 40 solutions for 16 industries with proven use-case relevance, Velocity also serves as a foundation for an expanded set of new, co-developed industry solutions,” Accenture said.

Velocity arrives at a time when enterprises are migrating to the cloud under tremendous time and cost pressures to capture and grow market share. Accenture and AWS plan to expand their portfolio of differentiated solutions across industries to accelerate innovation powered by Velocity.

“For years, Accenture and AWS have collaborated to combine our shared resources, technical capabilities, and industry knowledge to help customers unlock innovation, drive business value, and support growth through cloud adoption and transformation,” said Matt Garman, senior vice president of sales, marketing, and global services at AWS. “Velocity marks the next step in our collaboration as we continue to deliver innovation and industry-specific offerings that help customers move to the cloud faster than ever before.”

Accenture has previously partnered with AWS 30+ competencies and service delivery designations. The shared competencies include data and analytics, DevOps, life sciences, mobile, SAP, migration, government, financial services, IoT, security, Microsoft Workloads, machine learning, industrial software, public safety and disaster response, and retail.

“This year, we are delivering on a major step in our five-year investment to help our clients to grow and innovate across the cloud continuum for total business reinvention,” said Karthik Narain, global lead of Accenture Cloud First.