MediGene AG

MediGene AG

MediGene develops drugs that save lives or just make life easier. Spun off from the Munich Gene Center in 1994, MediGene focuses its R&D efforts on therapies that battle various forms of cancer and autoimmune conditions. It also has several drugs on the market, many of them sold through partnerships with other drug firms. The company's Eligard treatment for prostate cancer is sold in Europe by Astellas Pharma, and its Veregen ointment for genital warts is on the US market (Bradley Pharmaceuticals (now part of Nycomed US) sells the drug). In 2008 MediGene won approval from European regulatory authorities for Oracea, a treatment for rosacea; it sold European marketing rights for the drug to Galderma Laboratories.

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MediGene AG
Lochhamer Strasse 11, Martinsried, Germany 82152
Phone: +49-89-85-65-29-00
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