Agustin Reyes, Inc.

Agustin Reyes, Inc.

Since 1927 Agustín Reyes®, Inc. has created fine perfumes and personal care products. Using handcrafted recipes, a tradition of quality was established that continues today. Agustín Reyes I, began his career as an apprentice to a pharmacist. In his youth he learned to formulate products for health and beauty. He possessed a natural aptitude for chemistry, but also an entrepreneurial curiosity. The firm manufactures cosmetics and fragrances. Its first product, called Royal Violets, has been used as a baby cologne and was first created in Havana, Cuba. Royal Violets is also marketed to adults, capitalizing on their youthful nostalgia. The company has a strong distribution presence and following in Latin markets. Agustin Reyes also makes scented soaps and sprays, baby shampoos, and operates as a contract manufacturer for fragrances.

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Agustin Reyes, Inc.
2307 W 77TH Street
Hialeah, FL, USA 33016-1869
Phone: +1-305-558-8870
Fax: +1-305-558-7723



Agustin W. Reyes III

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