Amden Corporation

Amden Corporation

The oral health company makes and markets toothpaste, toothbrushes, sonic teeth-cleaning systems, and breath mints, for better oral care. Dentist Ron Murayama developed a less-expensive system for whitening teeth in the 1980s, then sold that product and business before starting Amden (where he's now chairman) in 1992. The firm promotes its products, primarily the Cybersonic system and its "harmonic resonance," through infomercials, often enlisting the help of celebrities, such as Vanna White and Cheryl Tiegs. Amden claims the Cybersonic is the world's fastest toothbrush.

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Amden Corporation
27285 Las Ramblas, Suite 100
Mission Viejo, CA, USA 92691-8552
Phone: +1-800-770-7525
Fax: +1-310-861-5405



Ronald K. (Ron) Murayama

President and CEO

A. Brown Jaynes

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