Ada Feed & Seed, Inc.

Ada Feed & Seed, Inc.

Ada Feed & Seed was founded in 1930 by David Johnson and Emil Wagner. Ada Feed & Seed encourages everyone to feed the birds. The company processes sunflowers and sells sunflower seeds and wild bird blends under the Full-O-Life brand. It also offers cracked corn, peanuts, and safflower, millet, Nyjer thistle, as well as seeding and fertilizing services for local farmers. The company's seed sales unit offers several popular brands, such as Agassiz, DynaGrow, Mycongen, Seedex/Beet, and Hubbard Feeds, among others.

Contact Details

Office Address

Ada Feed & Seed, Inc.
12 W. Thorpe Ave.
Ada, MN, USA 56510
Phone: +1-218-784-7158
Fax: +1-218-784-3024


Finance Director

Peter J. Hatherly

President and CEO

Grant Wagner

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