Densitron Technologies plc

Densitron Technologies plc

Densitron Technologies has both ends of the equation covered; the company makes computer and consumer device displays and computer products. Its displays include flat-panel PC and industrial computer screens, monitors, touch screens, USB displays, LED displays, LCD glass, and LED backlighting products. Aside from computers, applications include cell phones, calculators, and public information displays. Densitron's computer products include motherboards, gaming boards, and video cards.

In worldwide, providing a focused and unrivalled service for a growing customer mix that seeks individual solutions in the areas of product display technologies such as TFT displays, liquid crystal display, graphic displays, organic led display LCD backlights, touchscreens, etc.. We work collaboratively with our clients to deliver an end-to-end service from product conceptualization, design, manufacture and installation, globally.

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Densitron Technologies plc
Eastman Way
Stevenage Business Park, Pin Green
Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK SG1 4SZ
Phone: +44-1438-742001
Fax: +44-1438-742002



Jan Holmstrom

Group Finance Director and Secretary

Tim Pearson

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