E Ink Corporation

E Ink Corporation

E Ink Corporation develops proprietary electronic ink technology used in electronic displays. The ink is printed onto a plastic film and contains microcapsules full of positively or negatively charged particles, which can be manipulated into forming images through the application of an electrical current. The technology, which has the advantage of being visible in direct sunlight, has been used in such applications as signage, mobile phones, electronic readers, and watches. Amazon.com, Lexar Media, Motorola, and Sony have introduced products based on E Ink's technology. The company was acquired by Taiwan-based Prime View International in June 2009 for $215 million.

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E Ink Corporation
733 Concord Avenue
Cambridge, MA, USA 02138
Phone: +1-617-499-6000
Fax: +1-617-499-6200


Chairman Emeritus

Jerome S. (Jerry) Rubin

President, CEO, and Director

Russell J. (Russ) Wilcox

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