Boston Sand and Gravel Company

Boston Sand and Gravel Company

Founded in 1914, Boston Sand & Gravel has supplied concrete for major projects such as Boston's Central Artery/Tunnel, known as The Big Dig. Boston Sand & Gravel's shovel is full of aggregates and concrete. The company operates concrete and ready-mix cement plants in eastern Massachusetts; it also has a sand and gravel facility in New Hampshire. The construction materials business operates a fleet of more than 250 mixer trucks that deliver concrete to its customers (including home builders, developers, and contractors in the New England region) and it operates a short-line railroad that transports aggregate products from the New Hampshire facility to the greater Boston area.

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Boston Sand and Gravel Company
100 N. Washington St.
Boston, MA, USA 02114
Phone: (617) 227-9000
Fax: (617) 523-7947



Dean M. Boylan Sr.


Dean M. Boylan Jr.

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