Deutscher Ring Lebensversicherungs-Ag

Deutscher Ring Lebensversicherungs-Ag

Deutscher Ring sells its products through its own sales force and through German marketing companies OVB and ZEUS. In 2005 the group acquired former AEGON Lebensversicherungs-AG from Dutch insurance group AEGON. The acquisition included the MoneyMaxx brand of the unit, which markets pension and life insurance products to about 112,000 customers. It took Wagner 30 years to write his Ring, but Deutscher Ring can write life insurance policies all day long. Deutscher Ring offers insurance and pension products for private customers, targeting average-income clients. A part of Baloise-Holding's Basler insurance group since 1985, the company is affiliated with Deutscher Ring Sachversicherungs-AG.

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Deutscher Ring Lebensversicherungs-Ag
Ludwig-Erhard-Strasse 22
Hamburg, Germany 20459
Phone: +49-40-3599-7733
Fax: +49-40-3599-3636



Wolfgang Fauter

Executive Director, Information and Services

Walter Klein

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