Agora S.A. Group

Agora S.A. Group

Agora and "Gazeta Wyborcza" (Election Gazette) were created on the eve of the parliamentary elections in 1989. "Gazeta" became the first independent newspaper in Poland, while Agora grew into one of the largest and most renowned media companies in Poland. Since 1999 Agora's shares have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.Agora's media offer include newspapers and magazines, out-of-home advertising, radio broadcasting, online activities and selling unique collections of books and books with CDs and DVDs.

Agora's flagship business is "Gazeta Wyborcza" - Poland's largest quality daily, which has 4.3 million readers (1) and sells 370 thousand copies every day (2). "Gazeta's" unique formula, which combines a national newspaper with regional pages and thematic supplements, ensures a wide array of topics, quality of information as well as wide reach and extensive advertising possibilities, including dual media offers and non - standard advertising formats. In 2009 "Gazeta's" advertising sales reached PLN 343 million, while its share in the newspaper advertising market was 38% (3).Agora also publishes free newspaper "Metro", the third most read nationwide daily in Poland (4). Currently, "Metro" is distributed in 444 thousand copies (5) in 18 Polish cities. It is the only free nationwide daily in the Polish newspaper market (6).

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Agora S.A. Group
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Piotr Niemczycki


Grzegorz Kossakowski

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