Atlanta Gold Inc.

Atlanta Gold Inc.

Atlanta Gold isn't even close to Georgia. The former Twin Mining explores for diamonds in eastern Canada and gold in Canada and Idaho. Its primary project is the Atlanta Gold Mine in Idaho, which is still in the exploration stage. Atlanta Gold was originally founded in 1985 under the name Atlanta Gold Corporation. In 1999 when gold prices were low, Atlanta Gold turned to diamond mining and changed its name soon after to Twin Mining. In early 2007, with gold prices way up and production expected to begin shortly, The company took on the name Atlanta Gold Inc.

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Atlanta Gold Inc.
155 University Ave., Ste. 1250
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5H3B7
Phone: (416) 777-0013
Fax: (416) 777-0014



James K. Gray

President and CEO

William J. C. (Bill) Baird

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