Dadu Publication Pvt. Ltd.

Dadu Publication Pvt. Ltd. powered by Dadu Publication Pvt. Ltd. is a company registered under Companies Act in India. has brought revolution in publication industry of India. provides one stop solution to Author to publish their books and also provide them a selling platform. It is also providing various services to authors, writers, editors, translators, typists, photo editors, book sellers, publishers, printing presses and distributors. came up with unique idea to provide facility for user to access details of books from nearby book store. In era of online shopping and mobile phone world, this website provide all kind of solutions to the users. Changing life pattern of human being leads the change in the publishing indutry. If reader require very few details to read for reference have to go for ebook which is now being sold at less cost. We also recommend people to read the books online irrespective the profit earn by company.

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Dadu Publication Pvt. Ltd.
No. 505, 5th Floor, Abhishek Building, Opp. Hotel Fortune in Haveli
Gandhinagar, GJ 382011
Phone: +91-79-65729397
Mobile: +91-7048408056

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