Alternative Medical Council Calcutta

Alternative Medical Council Calcutta

The term Alternative Medicine means a system which is not generally considered a part of conventional medicine. This is in contrast to the allopathic system, in which the art of labeling is called “diagnosis” and is considered in very high esteem. Medical diagnosis enables the physician to attach a pre-determined disease classification to the set of symptoms presented by the patient. This makes medical treatment relatively easy because patients can be prescribed drugs according to symptoms which will enslave him to life-long dependence. Symptoms are the end- result of an internal pathological process. If the cause is not removed, as soon as the medication is stopped, the symptoms will re-appear. Holistic medicinal approach is interested in causes and how to eradicate them. It does not cause dependence. On the contrary: it liberates you; by removing the causes, it sets you free from symptoms, from drugs, from disability, from suffering and from dependence on healthcare practitioners.

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Alternative Medical Council Calcutta
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