Jain Vaani

Jain Vaani

Teerth is a way that helps to overcome the perpetual wheel of birth & death, to come out from the mesh of worldly affairs and to get free from mundane afflictions. All the 24 Teerthankaras have shown this way in practical in their life, by precepts (Education) delivered by them in Samavsharana. They are also called Jina, because they have won the Karma, both the external & internal – the Bhav Karma (affection & aversion, anger, proud, greed etc.) and attained the salvation, full and final liberation from world.So the entire life of Jina & their precepts are also called Teerth.Teerthankaras and various ascetic saints have practiced penance, meditation, self-control etc. to get free from the worldly troubles of birth, old age & death and they show the path to world to get rid of these troubles.In this way, those are well wishers of world without any reason or expectations. Only due to this reason they are called the headers of Moksha Marga (The path of salvation).

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