Alacer Corp.

Alacer Corp.

Alacer Corp. will "C" you through your cold. Maker of the popular Emergen-C fizzy drink mix, the company set the cornerstone on branded vitamin C products. In addition to Emergen-C, which blends mineral ascorbates with B vitamins and mineral complexes, the company's other products include ElectroMIX (electrolyte drink mix) and its Super Gram time-released tablets. Alacer also develops other vitamin and herbal supplements, all with a walloping dose of vitamin C stirred in. Its products are sold through natural foods retailers, mass market retailers, and chain drug stores.

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Alacer Corp.
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Foothill Ranch, CA, USA 92610
Phone: (949) 454-3900
Fax: (949) 951-7235


President and CEO

Ron Fugate


Larry Batina

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