Bollman Hat Company

Bollman Hat Company

Bollman Hat Company is going to bowl anyone over with a Bowler, but the company can still keep your head warm, protected from the sun, and stylish to boot. It sells a variety of hats and hat collections under brands, including Timberland (licensed) and Kangol (licensed); it owns the Bailey, Country Gentleman, Eddy Bros., Helen Kaminski, Ignite, PANTROPIC, and Plaza Suite brands, among others. Bollman, which was founded in 1868, sells its hats in more than 55 countries around the world. In 1985 company management bought the firm from the founding Bollman family.

Contact Details

Office Address

Bollman Hat Company
P.O. Box 517, 110 East Main Street
Adamstown, PA, USA 19501
Phone: (717) 484-4361
Fax: (717) 484-2139


President and CEO

Don Rongione


Dave Huber

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