Mark of the Unicorn, Inc.

Mark of the Unicorn, Inc.

Mark of the Unicorn is not a secret society for pink-clad six-year-old girls. It is MOTU, a manufacturer and distributor of computer hardware and software used for music and voice recording, mixing, and editing. Its Digital Performer is a package for Musical Instruments Digital Interface (MIDI) and audio sequencing. Other products include digital audio interfaces, audio sequencing software, sampling and orchestral add-ons, and a video and audio capture interface. MOTU's hardware and software are used by hobbyists, professional musicians, and film composers.

Inspired by the Macintosh when it first appeared, engineers at MOTU developed one of the Macintosh's first music programs ever. Performer®, the music industry standard for MIDI sequencing, began shipping in 1985.

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Mark of the Unicorn, Inc.
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