Airwell-Fedders North America, Inc.

Airwell-Fedders North America, Inc.

Airwell-Fedders has a distribution center in Missouri and global manufacturing operations in Argentina, China, France, Israel, and Italy. Airwell-Fedders North America runs hot and cold -- depending on what its customers call for. The company designs, manufactures, and markets heating and air conditioning products for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Among its products are mobile and window air conditioning units, condensing units, fan coils, water chillers, furnaces, and heat pumps. Airwell-Fedders is the North American arm of Paris-based Airwell Group, which also makes and sells Electra and Wesper brand HVAC products.

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Office Address

Airwell-Fedders North America, Inc.
2 Centre Dr.
Monroe Township, NJ, USA 08831
Phone: (609) 662-5300
Fax: (609) 662-5301


General Manager

Dave Pearson

Finance Manager

Tom Stiff

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