New Northwest Broadcasters LLC

New Northwest Broadcasters LLC

Nnb exist to serve four main constituencies: our listeners, our advertisers, our communities, and our employees.Nnb success is driven by our ability to successfully marry innovative programming for our listeners with value-added marketing solutions for our advertisers. In order to do this, we must focus on delivering quality programming choices that are relevant to the local population and we must bring the communities we serve together, by providing information, news and entertainment and by helping to build successful businesses inside of the communities in which we operate.

People. Our number one product is our people. From our personalities delivering entertainment and news, to our advertising consultants creating customized marketing solutions for advertisers, our people are the final link between our products and the end users. Consequently, we are building our company based on attracting, training and retaining the highest caliber people in the industry.Within each market our stations are positioned to garner the largest possible cross section of listeners and are diversified in terms of target audience and formats. NNB looks to offer a wide range of programming choices designed to specifically meet the local needs of each market. This diversification allows us to reach the largest possible listening audience and to compete more effectively for all forms of advertising spending such as newspaper and television. In many markets our radio stations deliver a larger audience than the local television stations and/or the local newspaper.

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New Northwest Broadcasters LLC
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