Vale Limited

Vale Limited

The nickel business is a significant component of our overall portfolio, setting standards of excellence in mining, processing and marketing products that meet society’s needs and contribute to improved quality of life.Nickel is widely used to produce stainless steel and special alloys. It is an essential ingredient in the products we use every day, including electronics, construction materials and medical equipment.We have more than 12,000 employees working with nickel in Canada, the United States, Indonesia, Asia, New Caledonia, the United Kingdom and Brazil.Our goal is to grow nickel production for the world, responsibly.Please explore our website to learn more about Vale’s nickel business.

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Vale Limited
200 Bay St., Royal Bank Plaza, Ste. 1600, South Tower
Toronto, ON, Canada M5J2K2
Phone: (416) 361-7511
Fax: (416) 361-7781


President and CEO

Tito Botelho Martins Jr.


Jennifer Maki

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