Crystallex International Corp.

Crystallex International Corp.

Crystallex International Corporation headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Crystallex International Corp. principal asset is the Las Cristinas property located in Bolivar State, Venezuela which is currently under development. Las Cristinas’ estimated 17 million ounces positions Crystallex as one of the largest North American-based gold companies in terms of gold reserves.

The remarkable quality of the Las Cristinas property has allowed Crystallex to attract an exceptional management team. Led by Robert Fung (Executive Chairman & CEO), Robert Crombie (President), William Faust (COO & Senior VP) and Hemdat Sawh (CFO), Crystallex has the depth of experience and discipline seeking to maximize the value of Las Cristinas for its shareholders.

Contact Details

Office Address

Crystallex International Corp.
8 King Street East
Suite 1201
Toronto, ON, Canada M5C 1B5
Phone: (416) 203-2448
Fax: (416) 203-0099


Chairman and CEO

Robert A. Fung


D. Robert Crombie

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