Boyd Coffee Company

Boyd Coffee Company

Boyd Coffee Company is a fourth generation family owned business founded by Percival Dewe Boyd. P.D. Boyd, born in New Zealand in 1879, came to the United States with his family in 1882. Landing in the great Northwest, PD Boyd worked in grocery and sales until he decided to go off on his own and start a business.

Located in downtown Portland, Boyd peddled his wares from a red, horse-drawn wagon he had purchased for $5 and thus, founding the "Boyd Importing Tea Company." By 1910, the horse-drawn wagons were replaced with trucks. With the spread of the automobile, the business took a new direction, and by 1920, home delivery was terminated. As his business grew, and Boyd gained in popularity, his reputation as a perfectionist followed. His greatest passion was for quality coffee. He also proved to be an ingenious businessman. Boyd was the first US coffee distributor to loan coffee brewing equipment to restaurants and the food service industry, a tradition that spread throughout the industry.

By 1939, PD Boyd had a branch office in Yakima, Washington and soon other distribution points were established. The "Boyd Blend" of coffee was in demand.

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Boyd Coffee Company
19730 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, OR, USA 97230
Phone: (503) 666-4545
Fax: (503) 669-2223



David D. Boyd

President and CEO

Jeffrey Newman

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