American Enterprise Development Corporation

American Enterprise Development Corporation

HAVOC Distribution, Inc. is the manufacturer and distributor of HAVOC Energy Drink. HAVOC focuses on licensing certain branding rights from U.S. athletic conferences, professional sports teams, bars/clubs and other affinity groups. HAVOC then markets it's beverage products through big box retailers, convenience stores and other retail outlets. We believe this will facilitate rapid market penetration at a cost far lower than trying to market under a unique "Havoc Energy" brand name.

HAVOC is a portfolio company under the public corporation; American Enterprise Development Corporation, listed as AEND. Havoc was acquired by American Enterprise Development Corporation through a reverse merger in early 2006.

Energy drinks, also known as "functional beverages" in the beverage industry, are one of the most rapidly growing beverage categories in the world. Consumers generally purchase functional beverages to provide hydration, nutritional input, energy stimulation and to contribute to the user's overall sense of well-being.

The major competitors, in the energy drink market, primarily compete for brand loyalty and taste. "Havoc Energy" feels that by licensing pre-established well-known brand names of athletic teams and various professional/private organizations, along with providing a great tasting product, we will effectively capture market share.

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American Enterprise Development Corporation
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Carey K. Williams


Luther (Bud) Reynolds

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