Mirha Exports Pvt.Ltd

Mirha Exports Pvt.Ltd

Mirha Exports Pvt. Ltd. is among the leading meat producing and exporting company in India for over 17 years. Our abattoir is located in Punjab approximately 200 kilometres north of Delhi. The integrated meat plant is a state-of-the-art most modern facility conforming to international specifications and standards. The strategic location of our factories enable us to source healthy animals in Punjab. The good climatic condition of Punjab with adequate rains attributing excellent crops output and availability of green vegetation throughout the year. As a result the animals are largely sustained on natural pastures and feeds thereby the supply of healthy animals is consistent throughout the year in that region. The central location of the Corporate Office in delhi is not only at easy access for visitors but serves us better to coordinate and monitor the production at our factories.

Contact Details

Corporate office

Mirha Exports Pvt.Ltd
30 Bazar Lane, Bengali Market
Connaught Place
New Delhi, Maharashtr 110001
Phone: +91-11-23353271 / 72 / 73
Fax: +91-11-23353270

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