AQJ Natural Products

AQJ Natural Products

AQJ Natural Products, We extract oil from various oil seeds by using Wooden Churner (Lakadi Ghana/Kachi Ghani)! Yes you heard it right WOODEN GHANI!!! Driven by bullocks, here the Wooden Ghani remain the same, but the electric motor replace the animal. We are using an ancient technique of extracting oils ( cold process oil extraction). No Chemical is used while extracting the oil and especially no Machine Filter Process is done because it again requires Heat above Smoke (Boiling) Point, we perform Manual filter. This oil is full of Natural nutritional values as well the Taste, Colour, and Aroma of the oil Remain unchanged Like Garden Fresh. Also we experienced that the quantity required for cooking is also comparatively very less than refined oil. Our Vision is to provide 100% Pure, Natural, Chemical free and Organic products to all our customers.

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AQJ Natural Products
94, Gulab Manzil Society, behind Shubhayog Residency
Kadam Wak Wasti
Pune, MH 412201
Phone: +91-7507421786

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