Ariisto Realtors

Ariisto Realtors

Formerly known as Atithi Builders, Ariisto has made its mark in India over a span of 45 years, with a portfolio brimming with design & innovation. Our passion for the residential development industry has taken form in projects measuring over 4 million sq.ft. in all, a milestone marker for the group. Currently, Ariisto has 19 projects under way, measuring approximately 32 million sq. ft. in all. We were also the first to undertake & execute TDR-generating projects under clause 3.11 of regulation 33(10) of the Development Control Regulations (DCR) for Greater Mumbai. Today, the group stands strong with a forte in super-premium stand-alone residential towers, townships, affordable housing, luxurious retail spaces and TDR-generating rehabilitation projects.

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Ariisto Realtors
Ariisto House, N.S. Phadke Road, Near East - West Flyover
Andheri (East)
Mumbai, MH 400069
Phone: +91-22-61300300
Fax: +91-22-61300030

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