Immucor, Inc.

Immucor, Inc.

Immucor, Inc. company was founded in 1982 and is based in Norcross, Georgia. Immucor, Inc., an in vitro diagnostics company, engages in the development, manufacture, and sale of reagents and automated systems. Its products are used by hospitals, reference laboratories, and donor centers to detect and identify certain properties of the cell and serum components of human blood for the purpose of blood transfusion. The company's reagent products are used in tests to identify blood group and type; to detect and identify red cell antibodies or red cell antigens; to detect and identify platelet antibodies; and to determine blood compatibility. It offers various test systems, including Capture-P, a platelet antibody detection system; Capture-R, a red cell antibody detection system; Capture-R Select, which is used for antibody screening, identification, phenotyping, cross matching, and in the weak D test; and Capture-CMV and Capture-S, which are tests for infectious diseases. Immucor, Inc. also offers automated analyzers comprising Galileo, which provides an automated solution to perform various routine blood bank tests, such as blood grouping, antibody screening, crossmatch, direct antiglobulin test, antibody identification, and cytomegalovirus and syphilis screening; Galileo Echo, a compact bench top automated instrument for the small to medium-sized hospitals, and blood banks; and Capture Workstation, a semi-automated processor, which has semi-automated components for performing capture assays manually. The company offers its medical instruments on rent. It sells its products directly in the United States, Canada, western Europe, and Japan; and through distributors internationally.

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Office Address

Immucor, Inc.
3130 Gateway Drive, P.O. Box 5625
Norcross, GA, USA 30091-5625
Phone: (770) 441-2051
Fax: (770) 441-3807


Chief Exec. Officer, Pres. and Exec. Director

Dr. Gioacchino Eatz De Chirico

Chief Financial Officer, Principal Accounting Officer and VP

Mr. Richard A. Flynt

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