Baloise-Holding Ltd

Baloise-Holding Ltd

Founded in 1863 as a fire insurance company, Baloise-Holding today is a general insurer that sells such standardized products as group and individual life policies and accident, property, and auto insurance to small firms and individuals. Baloise-Holding company is one of the leading insurers in Switzerland, operating primarily there and in Germany; together the countries account for about 80% of its sales. Through subsidiaries, it also operates in six other nearby countries including Croatia and Serbia. Baloise also provides banking, pension plans, and other financial services through its Baloise Bank SoBa. Baloise-Holding company uses its own sales force as well as partner distributors and independent brokers to sell its wares.

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Office Address

Baloise-Holding Ltd
Aeschengraben 21
Basel, Switzerland 4002
Phone: +41-61-285-8585
Fax: +41-61-285-7070


Group CEO and CEO, Baloise Switzerland

Martin Strobel

Head of Sales and Marketing

Daniel Fluri

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