News Communications, Inc.

News Communications, Inc.

The Hill is known among those who influence policy as a "must read" in print and online. It signals the important issues of the moment. In an environment filled with political agendas, The Hill stands alone in delivering solid, non-partisan and objective reporting on the business of Washington, covering the inner-workings of Congress, as well as the nexus between politics and business. The Hill serves to connect the players, define the issues and influence the way Washington's decision makers view the debate.

Founded in 1994, the newspaper features strong investigative reporting and frequently breaks stories that are widely cited in national publications. The newspaper also profiles lawmakers and aides, offers features describing the sociology and politics of the Hill, book and restaurant reviews and a weekly column about the Capitol Hill neighborhoods.The Hill has a print circulation of above 21,000, more than any other Capitol Hill publication. It is aimed at the 100 senators, 435 House members, 40,000 aides and tens of thousands in the influence industry whose work affects the lives of all Americans. The newspaper is a subsidiary of News Communications Inc., a publicly owned company.

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