Tsodilo Resources Limited

Tsodilo Resources Limited

Tsodilo Resources Limited is a diamond, base and precious metal exploration company concentrating its exploration efforts on the southern portion of the Angola / Congo craton in northwest Botswana. Tsodilo's prospecting licences are held through its Botswana registered subsidiary companies, Newdico (Pty) Limited ("Newdico') and Gcwihaba Resources (Pty) Limited ("Gcwihaba'). Newdico holds 9 diamond Prospecting Licenses (license map), covering an area of some 3,940 square kilometers, in the northern Ngamiland Project area. Tsodilo has a 95% stake in Newdico, while Trans Hex Group, a South African diamond mining and marketing company, holds the remaining 5%. Exploration in the Newdico Ngamiland project area is at an advanced stage, with completion of kimberlite indicator mineral sampling on a regional scale and ground geophysical surveys focusing on two primary areas within the larger License area. The Nxau Nxau kimberlite field is the principal location, with 40 known and drilled kimberlites, while several further first-order magnetic anomalies await drill investigation. The Guma district is the second location in the east of the license area where 10 first-order magnetic and indicator mineral anomalies await drill investigation. Both the Nxau Nxau and Guma areas have many second-order magnetic anomalies and the dolerite dyke swarm area south of the Nxau Nxau field provides further potential kimberlite drill targets.Gcwihaba holds 9 diamond prospecting licenses (license map) covering an area of some 6,856 square kilometers immediately adjoining and south of the Newdico licenses. In addition to the diamond prospecting licenses, Gcwihaba has also been granted 18 prospecting licenses for metals (base, precious, platinum group, and rare earth) (license map) covering an area of some 13,500 square kilometers.

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Tsodilo Resources Limited
Canada Trust Tower - BCE Place, 161 Bay St.
Toronto, ON, Canada M5J2S1
Phone: (416) 572-2033
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James M. Bruchs


Gary A. Bojes

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