Service Center Metals, LLC

Service Center Metals, LLC

Service Center Metals (SCM) does not deal in retail. Service Center Metals company specializes in soft aluminum extrusions (bars, beams, and tubes) selling and distributing its products exclusively through metal service centers. SCM sources it's aluminum billets from Alcoa and produces more than 1,000 different variants on the aluminum rod, bar, pipe, or tube theme. Service Center Metals company produces more than 80 million pounds of extrusions a year with a total capacity of about 100 million pounds. Service Center Metals company was founded in 2001 by Scott Kelley, Chip Dollins, and Randolph Weis.

Contact Details

Office Address

Service Center Metals, LLC
5850 Quality Way
Prince George, VA, USA 23875
Phone: (804) 518-1550
Fax: (804) 518-1551


President and CEO

Scott Kelley


Lloyd Dollins

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