American Colloid Company

American Colloid Company

American Colloid Company is a leading producer and supplier of high-quality Wyoming bentonites, North Dakota leonardites, and humic acid products. These products are highly beneficial to agriculture, agronomic and horticulture applications. In agriculture and horticulture our products are beneficial as flow control agents, animal feed pelletizing, and agricultural carriers. These products absorb liquid active herbicides and pesticides onto their surfaces that help to control dispersion rates, limit drift and leach ability as these products are applied to cropland. In agronomy these leonardite/humic acid products stimulate plant growth, improve the availability of nutrients and other trace minerals to plants. They improve soil properties such as aeration, permeability, water filtration, holding capacity and nutrient uptake. This is especially beneficial where rainfall and moisture retention are minimal.

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American Colloid Company
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