African Aura Mining Inc.

African Aura Mining Inc.

African Aura's strategy is to be a 'first mover' within highly prospective and under explored geological provinces, in pursuit of the next generation of gold and iron ore mines in emerging sub-Saharan Africa. It is the significant experience of working in Africa and the ability to identify and assess the non-geological risks inherent with investing in emerging countries that distinguishes the Company as a pioneer. Once opportunities have been identified the Company employs satellite borne and geological remote sensing datasets in order to select the highest priority areas to explore. This strategy allows our teams to have the highest chance of discovering those deposits which crop-out at surface. Historically these deposits are discovered fastest, for the lowest exploration cost and are the first to become mines.

In addition to our flagship New Liberty Gold and Putu Iron Ore projects, African Aura has assembled a significant portfolio of projects in Liberia and Cameroon with over 20 deposits discovered by our exploration teams to date. These discoveries create a pipeline of opportunities for the Company; being at varying stages of exploration from reconnaissance sampling through to resource definition drilling.

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David G. Netherway

President, CEO, and Director

Thomas G. (Tom) Elder


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