2S Consulting Pvt Ltd

2S Consulting Pvt Ltd

2S Consulting Pvt Ltd Big data analytics deals with mainly gauging the level of the brand,its products or services,customer satisfaction level and general customer sentiment about the company.This process concerns assimilating a large volume of various types of data from multiple sources.This data is then organized and processed using pre-set filters and criteria. The result of the big data analytics process is a plethora of vital and relevant information which is used for multiple purposes. 2S Consulting is a leading big data consulting company which regularly provides advanced data analysis and reporting services to small and large companies from all industrial verticals. The company has helped its clients reach higher levels of quality in production and efficiency in management.

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2S Consulting Pvt Ltd
301-302 Gateway Plaza Central Avenue
Hiranandani Gardens Powai
Mumbai, MH 400076
Phone: +91-22-25703761

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