Advance Laboratory Supplies Co.

Advance Laboratory Supplies Co.

We are Manufacturer and exporter of Scientific & Laboratory Materials like Polariscope (Glass Strains Viewer), Induction Coil, Tesla Coil, Antique Kerosin Fan, Van de Graff Generator, Educational Visual Aids, Microscope, optics, Lens, Prisms, Glassware, Optical Glass, Laboratory Equipment, Incubators, Ovens, Scientific Equipment, Surgical Equipment, PH meter, Measuring Instruments, Industrial tools, Micrometers, Laminar Air Flow, Testing Equipment, Glass thermometers, Glass Hydrometers, Spectrum Analysis Tubes, Physics equipment, Crookes Radiometers, Scientific Electronic Equipment etc Etc.

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Advance Laboratory Supplies Co.
33 & 33A, Rama Road, Industrial Area
Near Kirti Nagar Metro Station
Delhi, New Delhi 110015
Phone: +91-11-45822333
Fax: +91-11-41427820

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