Excellent Exim House

Excellent Exim House

We feel proud and honored while dealing in Jute and Jute Products , as The Jute is an agriculture Fabric , used to develop bags and B Twill sacks , widely used in day to day use and packing the Food Grains which are gifted by the Nature for our Survival. On the contrary we are boast of non-polluting the environment while operating with Jute. Jute is Bio-Degradable and Nature Friendly fiber. Even during incineration jute never gives out any Toxic Gas which can be added to form the Green House , cause acid rain , global worming , the extreme dangers for living being. It is Monsoon Fiber Plant mainly grown in India and Bangladesh and is used by all the people of the World. Jute is of Golden Color and known as Golden Fiber, and is 100% Eco-Friendly.

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Excellent Exim House
AF 6/2 Jyangra Road
Kolkata, WB 700059
Phone: +91-33-25703521

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