Chhaperia International Company

Chhaperia International Company

Chhaperia is amongst the foremost names in the supplier of Mica insulating material for electrical and thermal Insulation. The MICA products offered are Mica Paper, Mica Tape, Mica sheet, Mica plate, Mica Tube, Mica Glass roll, Mica ceramic roll and Mica Flexible composite customized to your requirement theyalso offer Non Mica insulating products such as Corona shield tape, Nylon tape and PTFE tape. Anti Corona Tape, Mica Paper Tube, Mica Tape Mica Glass Roll, Mica Insulation Plate, Mica Commutator Plate, Mica Sheet, Mica Paper, Resin Rich Mica Tape, Resin Poor VPI Mica Tape, Semi Conductive Nylon Tape, Skived PTFE Tape.

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Chhaperia International Company
Plot No. 270, 4th Phase, Peenya Industrial Area
Bangalore, KA 560058
Phone: +91-80-41171552, 41179651, 28362823
Fax: +91-80-28360371, 28396999

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